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The Motor section insures a client for the loss of, or damage to, their trucks, motor vehicles, trailers and equipment due to accidents, fire, hail, or theft/hijack. At VAPS HCV we provide cover for various types of transport companies including:

•   Long & Short haul transporters

•   Passenger transporters (Excluding taxis and Uber         vehicles)

•   Sand & Stone transporters

•   Agri transporters (Part-time transport contractors)

•   Commercial clients transporting their own goods

Cover options:

•   Comprehensive Cover on HCV’s, Trailers, Buses,           Commercial Vehicles, PMV’s, LDV’s & Special               Types

•   Third Party Fire & Theft Cover Only

•   Third Party Only Cover Only

Benefits included:

•   Cross Border Towing & Recovery – R 15 000

•   Towing & Recovery Costs up to R 30 000

•   Territorial Limits – Africa, South of the Equator.

•   Replacing Locks, Keys and Remotes up to R 25             000

•   Motor Third Party Liability of R 5 000 000

•   Fire Extinguishing charges up to R 15 000

•   Wreckage Removal for R 25 000

•   Temporary Repairs up to R 15 000

Optional Extensions:

•   VAPS HCV Assist – Commercial Roadside Assistance: 

   >   Mechanical Breakdown Towing  (Up to 250 km per            incident – Covered up to R15 000 per incident)

   >  Tyre Replacement Assistance (Up to R 1000 per                 incident)

   >  Oil, Fluid & Water Delivery Service (Up to R 1000 per         incident)

   >  Lockout/Replacement Key Assistance (Up to R 1000         per incident)

   >  Battery Assistance (Up to R 1000 per incident)

   >  Winching/Extraction Service

   >  Vehicle Protection Service

•   Personal Accident Cover for Driver of R 100 000 for           Death and Permanent Total Disability

•   Windscreen Cover up to R 15 000 • Extended Motor           Third Party Liability of up to R 10 000 000

•   Excess Reducers – Own Damage, Theft/Hijack, Third           Party, Windscreen and Penalty excesses

•   Increased Cross Border Towing & Recovery up to R 50       000 per Insured Item

•   Loss of Use

•   IVP


Goods in Transit Insurance, sometimes referred to as GIT, insures goods against loss or damage while being moved from one place to another. We provide cover for the following general categories:

1. Professional transport companies transporting            cargo on behalf of their clients for compensation.

2. Part-time transport contractors, like farmers,              usually transporting their own goods but                      occasionally also goods for third parties receiving        compensation for their work.

3. Commercial and Agricultural clients transporting        their own goods in or on their own vehicles with a        specified maximum load limit per vehicle or with a      limit per consignment.

Cover options

(Maximum limit of R 2 000 000 any one load):

•  All risks: The client will covered for the loss of, or          damage to, goods in transit that belong to them or      for which they’re responsible. Cover applicable            whether the cause is an accident or any other type      of incident. 

•  Fire, explosion, collision, derailment and                       overturning only.

•  Fire, explosion, collision, derailment and theft and        hi-jack only

Benefits included in the VAPS GIT policy:

• First Loss basis – This benefit negates the calculation of     average with regards to VAPS HCV policies.

•  Shipping Container cover – Up to R 60 000

•  Driver Fidelity cover included

•  Cover for Tarpaulins, Nets & Ropes – R 15 000

•  Territorial Limits – Africa, South of the Equator

•  Fire Extinguishing charges

•  Salvage & Load Recovery costs – R 25 000 per event

•  SASRIA • Debris Removal – R 30 000

Optional Extensions:

•  GIT Basic Excess Reducer

•  GIT Theft/Hijack Excess Reducer

•  Cross Border Riot & Strike cover

General Exclusions:

Loss or damage of property due to or caused by a wide range of things ranging from wear and tear to theft. download the brochure for details 


At VAPS HCV we insure Non-Motor commercial sections for transporters including Fire, Buildings, Electronic Equipment and Business All Risks.

Cover Options

• Fire Insurance, otherwise known as ‘property’               insurance, indemnifies a client in the event of an           insured events like fire, lightning or thunder.

• Buildings Combined cover fixed structures such as       offices, outbuildings, and fixtures and fittings               against losses and the financial costs

• Office Contents This covers office content,                   including stationery and staff personal effects to         furniture and loss of rent. Contents of transporter         offices can be insured under this section.

• Business Interruption insurance covers                         consequential losses, like loss of profit, after an           insured event has taken place.

• Accounts Receivable covers loss or damage as a         result of an accident or misfortune to a client’s             accounting records or other business books

• Theft insurance covers loss of or damage as a result     of theft and accompanied by forcible and violent         entry or any attempt thereat.

• Money section covers a business in the unfortunate     event of financial loss due to the loss of, or damage     to, any money kept

• Glass section covers loss of or damage to internal       and external glass (including mirrors), songwriting       and treatment

• Fidelity section covers a client for dishonest and               unlawful actions by employees that could harm their         business’ finances or reputation.

• Business All Risk cover is one of the most                           comprehensive types of cover available - it covers             items which belong to the client and are usually worn         or taken away from the business risk address.

• Accidental Damage insurance acts as a safety net,             covering the accidental physical loss of, or damage to       property that is not covered in any other section of the     policy.

• Public Liability insurance covers a client for damages       which they become legally liable to pay to a claimant if     they have been proven negligent

• Employers Liability insurance covers damages, which a     client shall become legally liable to pay, consequent           upon death of, or bodily injury to, or illness of any             person employed under a contract of service or                 apprenticeship.

• Electronic Equipment covers loss of, or damage to,           electronic equipment (Computers, printers etc)                 described in the schedule at a client’s premises

• Motor Traders Internal and External insurance is               designed specifically for members of the motor trade         industry – such as car dealerships and motor repairers –     and extends to cover damage to customers’ vehicles,         either at or away from their premises.


VAPS HCV ASSIST offers 24 hours, 7 days a week, assistance to HCV’s, Trailers, Commercial Vehicles, Pmv’s, LDV’s & Special Types


• Mechanical & Electrical Breakdown

  Covered to the nearest repairer up to a maximum of    250 km per incident – Maximum cover of R 15 000      per incident

• Flat Tyre Assistance

  Callout fee covered up to R 1000 per incident

• Flat Battery Assistance

  Callout fee covered up to R 1000 per incident

• Locksmith Assistance

  Callout fee covered up to R 1000 per incident

• Recovery/Winching Assistance

  Callout fee covered up to R 1000 per incident

• Vehicle Protection Service

  Subject to availability in the specific area

• Accident Management

  Annual Limit of R 15 000 per vehicle


• Roadside Assistance and Accident Management

  24 Hour roadside assistance that will assist you in the        event of a roadside or non-roadside emergency Annual      Limit of R 5000 per vehicle




Policy Features 

•  Emergency Assistance after an accident

•  Covers drivers in hospital after an accident

•  Pays out in the event of accidental death or                 disability

Policy Benefits

Circumstances Compensation Excess

Death (Accident) R 100 000 per Insured Person R 5000 per Insured Person Permanent Disability (Accident) R 100 000 per Insured Person R 5000 per Insured Person

Medical Expenses R 50 000 per Insured Person Nil No. of persons per vehicle covered 2 (Two) N/A

24 hrs. Medical Evacuation Arranged through VAPS Call Centre N/A

Premium (incl VAT) R 45 per vehicle per month



VAPS HCV in association with Kempston Driving Academy now offers our clients industry accredited driver training.


The training can include the following courses:

• Operating a Heavy Duty Vehicle

• Anti-Hijacking Workshop

• Defensive Driving - Heavy Duty Vehicles

• Operating Tailgates and Tail-Lifts

• Loading of General Freight

Additional Training & Services offered by Kempston includes the following:

• Pre-Employment Driver Evaluation

• K53 Driver Training Code C1 & EC

• Corrective & Economical Driving

• Aids Awareness in the Workplace

• Splinterbox Training


VAPS HCV TRACKING & RISK MANAGEMENT (HCV’s, Trailers, Commercial Vehicles, PMV’s, LDV’s & Special Types)

Tracking Requirements 

• All Vehicles with a Value of more than R 200 000 –    Tracking device with Recovery option required

• All Vehicles with a Value below R 200 000 – VESA      level 3 or 4 or factory fitted alarm/immobilizer            and/or Tracking device

Transport Risk Management Guidelines

1. Roadworthiness compliance must be adhered to:

• Truck and trailer brakes must comply with SANS           10047.

• Maintain vehicles and service vehicle at approved        intervals.

• Keep a serviced fire extinguisher fitted to all trucks.

2. Please ensure all Foreign Drivers have a valid              license and PDP.

Contact Leigh at Check-your-driver at or 084 597 6542 to verify any Driver’s license

3. Tracking Devices/Theft/Hijack

• All Vehicles with a Value of more than R 200 000 –    Tracking device with Recovery option required

• All Vehicles with a Value below R 200 000 – VESA      level 3 or 4 or factory fitted alarm/immobilizer            and/or Tracking device

4. Claims Procedures to be followed in the event of        Loss or Damage which may give rise to a claim:


Accident Towing & Mechanical Breakdown Towing

> VAPS 24/7 Number – 066 251 3044



For your benefit, we take risk mitigation seriously! Through our partnership with Autotrack, we can assists our clients with real time, location based tracking.

Some of the service features include:

• Current location with synchronised images, indicating         location, heading, speed & event.

• Online reports ranging from one line behaviour reports       to detailed event reports.

• Online image dashboard, with images updating every 10     seconds.

• Mobile app, with trip scores, event alerts, as well as            current and historical images.


When they’re driving – We’re monitoring.

VAPS HCV Risk & Bureau Service is a policy add-on that assists our clients with fleet control room activities backed by highly proficient hindsight, insight and foresight data analytics and reporting for the streamlining of a fleet operation. Dedicated fleet controllers assist with monitoring of vehicle movements, incidents, alerts and alarms and shares this real-time information with the VAPS Assist 24/7 Accident Centre. Our highly experienced fleet consultants interrogate and interpret vehicle data to provide the insights and actions needed for future cost reduction and operation improvement.


• Driver Monitoring

• Real-time Route Monitoring

• Consultancy Services

• 24/7 Emergency Response Centre

• Data Analytics

• Reporting




Envirosure offers a comprehensive environmental policy for customers transporting hazardous goods and potential pollutants. Over the years this cover has been perfected to offer the most value to the Insured. This cover is designed to protect transporters of dangerous goods and potential pollutants from the extensive costs of pollution and rehabilitation following an environmental incident. Potential pollutants can include items as diverse as food products, paint and detergents. Policyholders automatically qualify for a Service Level Agreement with Spill Tech.
This ensures that any clean-up will be handled by a leading South African spill-response company.

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